Lester Livestock Services LLC facilitates the private treaty sales of top quality replacement cattle in the free market place and offers consulting services to cattlemen. We offer options for everyone in the cattle business, buyers and sellers. We are here to help each and every person in the cattle industry make the most of the cattle raising, buying and selling experience. We strive to reach an agreeable solution for everyone involved. In today’s markets there are no sure bets other than people today, next week, and in years to come will be buying, selling, and eating beef. There are dollars to be made in the cattle industry and we are here to help you make the most you can. Do not miss out on these opportunities! We fit into this puzzle because more and more people getting into this market do not have the time to search out and find top quality replacement cattle or to find the buyers for such cattle. This is where we come in and help you. We offer options! Let us do the things we do best; represent top notch replacement cattle!


We save you time stress and travel cost by always having quality cattle for sale at reasonable market prices for your review. – The cattle we market is presented for what they are. We guarantee the cattle you see in our pictures will be the cattle you buy! – We order and purchase for select customers at select replacement sales to aid in their convenience. – We will arrange the transport for your cattle using one of our reputable contacts or yours. We are present for the showing, sale, and loading of your cattle. Our goal is to find you the cattle that will best fit your desires.


We save you time, stress, hauling cost and the excessive exposure to injury your cattle get when they leave your place to be sold at auction barn. Also the added stress from the travel to get them there and also the jostling them in unfamiliar areas. Cattle are calmer and are much more appealing in their comfort zones (the pasture). We are your representative. We address the advertising, phone calls, the showing of cattle to buyers and the shipping of your cattle. You can be as hands on or off as you want to be. Our best transactions come from the trust we are here to work for you. We address the burden of confirming payment and you can rest assured that we have the funds in our possession and verified prior to your cattle ever leaving the pasture. You are paid directly from Lester Livestock Services by a means you are willing to accept; business check, cashier’s check, or wire transfer. We are present during the entire process from videos and photographs for advertising to the showing of cattle to the shipping of said cattle. We are hands on and we care about your cattle like you do. We are here to ensure the complete transaction is as smooth as it can be and the unknowns are a few as possible.


Consulting with the cattleman that is just looking for that professional advice. No matter if it is on working pen design, market trends, grazing patterns, or formulating a plan of action to best fit the direction of the market. We strive to direct our customers in a way that we truly do believe to be the most advantageous for their operation. Consulting services for cattlemen with operations of all sizes and locations is a joy and a privilege. So maybe you have found a set of cattle you are really interested in but can’t get out there to look at them and want an unbiased 3rd party recommendation. We do that also. Our charges again are not set but based on the job we are contracted to do.